Passive Footprinting

Passive Footprinting

Passive footprinting is the initial information gathering process does not involve the victim but the victim directly. What are the benefits that can hackers get through passive footprinting?
In Passive footprinting hackers can obtain information about the victims, namely:

1. To find out company information
2. IP address of the company
3. Domain name registration company information

And of the three points above there was more beneficial than passive footprinting some powerful weapons to find and reveal the identity of a hacker, but we will not be discussed here but in the next article we will discuss.
And the three points above we'll discuss it one on one. This tutorial is to add insight only if there are errors in the content of this post. Please in the correction
1. To find information peruhaan
In this section, hackers will find information relating to companies ranging from corporate web site addresses, employee information, contact email and phone contact firm, host location and ISP used, and data relating to other companies.
How do hackers get all that information?
1.1. For website addresses
Hackers can use google to search for the company's name and usually the company is using the meta description and meta keywords on the company and its services or the services provided and this is not a difficult thing to do.
1.2. Employee Information
Some companies generally to facilitate the client in terms of support services display a list of names of staff and the type of work. In this section hackers collect personal data of employees to perform social engineering action.
.3. Contact E-mail and telephone
To contact e-mail and telephone from the company can be found on the page or contact us about us on the web page of the company.
1.4. Host location and ISP used
Why is this necessary? This is in needing to find information on the network range used, the ports are open and to know the travel route data packets to the victim's computer clicks. read here for more details
2. IP address of the company
What are the benefits of knowing the IP address of the company? There are so many things that can be known from the IP address from a server location, the ISP used, and information control of the company.
2.1. Location server
To find the location of the server we only need an IP Address alone. How? Open this address in your browser and enter the IP address or Hostnya Address.
2.2 Internet Service Provider used
To find an ISP that used on the site you can menceknya / tools / info on the IP data will be visible from neighboring Networking server.
Domain Name Information Server 2.3
Control can be obtained when we had a whois domain name, can use, or domain if Indonesia could use
3. Domain Name Information
Some companies use a domain protect the Domain Name to protect his company. Why? Clearly, to protect against domain theft or hijacking of the domain. How? Hackers will see the domains that will expire active period can pass, or other whois sites and if you forgot to extend the domain owner domain, the domain will be changing hands. Beside that, the hacker can also masquerade as a company where you bought the domain and ask my neighbor data domain name such as EEP code and others. Then how do I protect working domain?

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