How To Get Tens of Thousands Email

A. Use the software Mailcrawl ( Version 3000 free version can store all the email search, grub should be able to save up to 15 000 emails / keyword.

How to use:
1. In the quick start wizard click the target using keyword searching and then enter a unique Indonesia
(Family, money, women, success, agriculture, military)
2. Option:
a. select 60-80 thread
b. parsing email: click only extract emails with These extensions / domain and content. com. net. en c. These email with the username ignore the contents of the list of words below: (copy only)
abuse info privacy notice Consult sales support nospam spam bugtraq Listserv subscribe unsubscribe
reply majordomo daemon bounce mail domain name news www xxx 20 3d files play webadmin webmaster
admin postmaster hostmaster owner promaster manajerhosting tuanweb webhosting billing register list
cs feedback comments customercare customerservice manager username yourname name Yourname
cs prohosting technical support service technical support request info zzz joint stop

members of the index menu help file article d. automatic saving select number 1000 e. Start --- name the folder where to store the results in accordance with a keyword f. If the number of valid e-mail has not reached 1.000, while the search panel have a deadline approaching,
do stop then add new keywords without having to reset again. We suggest the folder name
keywords combined storage
g. If the number of invalid email has approached the 3000 figures while the search panel is still far from the boundary
end. Do stop and then start then give the new folder name search results, you should KEYWORD1,

3. If you already have been collected by many keywords, there must be a multiple emails.
To obtain single-use email list software Listawy ( This software can in addition
merge, email removal also mensplit all emails according to the number of files or the number of emails / per file

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