Tips to Avoid Hacking Blog

Not infrequently a webmaster or blogger to feel worried in the hack, especially with the more popular a website, will be more often exposed and have the threat of hacking. To avoid this danger, here are some tips to secure your wordpress installation from hack attacks.
Secure Database
The first suggestion which I recommend is a secure database of your website or blog. The trick, make frequent backups of the database and frequent backups of data. You can do this via phpMyAdmin in the hosting account, or using plugins, like WP-Database Backup ( These plugins perform backup tasks easier. You only need to log into the WordPress admin panel and click a few links. These plugins should be owned by every blogger.

Scan WordPress
After having a plugin that protect a database website, the next step is to scan to make sure the WordPress installation was not detected on the security gap. This task can be performed also by using a plugin called WP Security Scan ( With this plugin you can mengedintifikasi gap - if the security hole was found in the blog. In addition we will be told how to fix it.
WP Security Scan plugins will also be offered for the change of name prefixes tables, testing the strength of passwords, delete the admin account and verify your blog directory to have good security.

The intruder deterrent
The intruder in this sense is a combination of letters, numbers and so forth trying to find the password. Even the biased Python script used to try to find the password you WordPress blog.
It would be very easy for an intruder to find the password if you use a blog name or word that is predictable. Therefore, try using the correct password - really strong, using a combination of lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. You also take advantage of the bias generator in the WP Security Scan password to create a strong password.
Although using a password that is juat a good trick, another way that will provide efficient protection for your blog, by adding the Apache Login form to the WP-Admin directory. Ask Apache (WP Security Scan) plugin allows you to protect your wp-admin directory its security level equivalent to the authentication server (htpasswd). This plugin allows you to disable hotlinking, or prevent direct access to the wp-content directory and wp-includes.

Observe Plugins
Not all plugins were good, some of them which is the eye - the eye to know the vulnerabilities inherent in your blog. For this reason, there is a need for you to hide the content directory / wp-content/plugins. The trick is to create an empty file named index.html, which is then uploaded into the directory wp-content/plugins

WordPress version Hide
If there is one security hole in certain versions of WP, a hacker only needs to display the source code of your blog on your browser and see if the version you are wearing a bias related to penetrate. By leaving the version of Meta, the bias is likely infiltrated your blog. To prevent this, delete the line in header.php in the theme you use.
Similarly, there is also a plugin that allows you to trick on the version of WordPress you are wearing.

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