Tips Hacking Facebook with Keylogger ?

How to Use Perfect Keylogger Hacking Facebook! already in the know Is Keylogger? who do not know read my previous post:
What is a Keylogger?

Articles like this has a lot to make, but even more that nyari, so I better make this article also unique by using the keyword "Using Facebook Hacking Tips Perfect keylogger" eventually becomes too! lha how else, it is very difficult for a hacker now, Facebook has gained an improved security system. Script2 not able to penetrate the defense facebook

keylogger software is used for espionage activities against computer users. It also can make the password for facebook users know what the computer. How to Use Perfect Keylogger Hacking Facebook is to install keylogger software on computers that will become our spy.

There are many types of keylogger software that we use is a keylogger old version, but no significant problems that can view facebook password.
How to Hack Facebook Nge Using keylogger:

- Download Perfect Keylogger Perfect Keylogger Please Download (search on google just yaa)
hehehe. at 4shared too much.
- If finished Download Perfect Keylogger WinRAR files first extract

How to install:
- Install the victim computer
- Double-click the file bpk.exe

Perfect Keylogger keyloggerPerfect

- We use the trial version click Continue evaluation aja, if you want the full version please click on the Enter button and enter the registration code serial number that is included in the package.
- After completing the installation icon appears in the lower right corner of the computer Perfect Keylogger Double-click the taskbar to bring it, otherwise right click and hide to hide the icons.
- Perfect Keylogger is a view like this, every password typed letters and applications used will be stored in box display.

Perfect Keylogger Hacking Facebook: keystrokes viewer

- Now try to close the first application Perfect Keylogger, log into your Facebook.
- Double-click the taskbar icon bottom right corner of the Perfect Keylogger computer.
- See your Password caught on the display box.
and happy hacking

Note: All things about using this software becomes your responsibility.
because this crime row

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