Knowing Tips email accounts and passwords stored in Firefox browser

Previously I had a post about how to steal usernames and passwords of others facebook fake login method, this method only works if the victim is trapped to make fake login to our login.
This time aya want to discuss tips to know others username and password stored in Firefox browser. Why should firefox? because firefox is a browser's most popular and most widely used. This method is very useful if the target we have a company or personal laptop because in general we save (Remember) the password in the browser for reasons of convenience.
in the victim's computer, open mozilla
Select the Tools menu> Options
In the Options window click the Security tab

Click the Saved Password
If the victim never save (remember) password and username in firefox it will show here.

Click the Show Password to see the password.

Okay, you already know the username and password for your friend. Not only facebook is not it? You can even find all the usernames and passwords are never stored in the firefox browser, such as email accounts and so forth.
Once again, science is just for a newbie like aya gan this. Sorry my friends that I've stolen his password. Yah sorry. Create temen-temen me, next time yah pake master password.

Create-agan agan a senior already, yah ... please shared their knowledge do not just protest blogs of others. Emang Well this blog is far from complete, but I always try to give my best. Dimnfaatin with both his knowledge well. Do not be using that to steal passwords loe own best friend. Do not ever bro ..

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