(Deep UnFreezer)

Create your cybercafe operators and the users who use Deepfreeze to protect and counteract the configuration changes on your PC from viruses and users are ignorant of, so from now on be careful because of Deepfreeze on your PC can be paralyzing and password used to unlock deepfreeze will not more useful with this Unfreezer Deep?
Deep UnFreezer is a tool that allows you to change the status of Deep Freeze without needing a password or in other words paralyze Deepfreeze.
Using Deep Unfreezer very quick and easy, you simply just pay attention to the position of the radio buttons to select a running process, and ending with the save status> Exit> Restart / shutdown the PC. So change will happen after the restart / shutdown.

Follow the step below (see picture above) as a guide to use Deep Unfreezer:

Deep Unfreezer 1.Ketika run, make sure Deep Freeze detected / detected on the columns of the log, click the button to check the status of load status of Deep Freeze.
2.Apabila terdeksi the Deep Freeze does not automatically, then the user / files you have to find a position in the Deep Freeze.
3.Fungsi from the selection process of radio buttons:
A. Boot Froozen: a process that will enable Deepfreeze when the status of Deep Freeze thawed / Off.
B. Thawed on next boot: The process to disable / thawed Deep freeze over and counted (line number that is set up) to do restart. For example we set the number 2, then the non-active Deep freeze will be done two times during the restart and on restart the three automatic switches (Frozen).
C. Thawed Boot: The process to disable Deep Freeze, when the status of active Deepfreeze / Frozen.
4. Status last click the Save button> Exit> Restart / Shutdown your PC.

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