Hi all, here I share a variety of (hopefully until
1001 ways) to get administrator rights in Windows
(Especially Win Xp) includes various software.
When you try on your own computer make sure backup your hard drive. Sincerely for all members who
more tau. Those who want to share / discussion too please

1. Want to know the username and password only:
a. Click on START and select RUN and type in CMD and hold ENTER
(Go to command promt) and type
"Net user" (without quotation marks)
username appearing there.

2. Hack windows administrator account
(Note: not all systems are windows there)

a. Sign In as guest / limited account
b. Click START, RUN and type REGEDIT and ENTER
c. Open this directory:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows
NT \ CurrentVersion \ Winlogon]
d. Search "" AutoAdminLogon. ", Right click and select
Modify and change the Value Data to "1"
e. Exit and restart, immediately deh / automatic login to

3. Change Account Password without OLD PASSWORD
a. Click on START and select RUN and type in CMD and hold ENTER
(Go to command promt) and type
net users administrator * (typed with signs
stars) or if its already know the username type:
net users "Pigs" * (The pig is the instance name of the username)
b. Continue to have questions for the new password, type deh
and confirm the new password again. After
the new password that you use for login.

4. Auto Configuration - Logon
a. Click START / RUN / type "control userpasswords2"
(Without the quotation marks)
b. Unchek (remove the check in writing) 'User must
Enter a user name and password to use this computer "
Choose one of the existing username and click OK
(The function each time you log directly into
administrator or the username is selected)
c. Want more, the option "password for
administrator "select Gaza" RESET PASSWORD "change tuh
according to your wishes.

5. Want to know more to hacking win xp, download

6. Active Password Changer is a solution-based DOS
Designed for resetting local user passwords in case
of the administrator's password is Forgotten or lost.
Forgotten password recovery software is useful if you
lost the administrator password and Can not access the
system operation. Other Windows login security
restrictions like 'Account is disabled', 'Password
never expires ',' Account is locked out ',' User Must
Change Password at Next Logon 'and' Logon Hours' cans
changed or reset. Supported platforms: Windows XP,
2000, NT, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Vista.
Active Password Changer Professional version now
contains Windows application and Active @ Boot Disk
Lite - Windows Vista based bootable CD / DVD ISO image.

Download: 2.80 MB




Pass: www.dl4all.com

7. Password software Windows Key (recomended)
Download here:

(Name: Passware Windows Key Enterprise Edition v7.9.2141.rar
Size: 10MB
Description: Windows Password Recovery)

good luck

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