Making ID Boot (Bot) Yahoo Messenger

Just like a state or kingdom who want to advance the war, of course, you have to prepare ammunition and soldiers or soldiers who will fight on the field fighting. If you are a rebel or the mafia, you would have to prepare your subordinates and weapons to face your enemy or your opponent. In reply to opponents in the world serawan Yahoo Messenger, ID Boot (Bot) is absolutely necessary as a soldier or a bullet to attack the opponent. Boot software as a war machine needed ammunition to shoot your opponent. This ammunition is none other than the ID does not Boot (Bot). Boot normally load ID Boot (Bot) which was registered in the Yahoo Server to war activities. Thus you must make your first soldier to Om Yahoo registered as a land of war. Like war Barathayuda your soldiers must go into battle before he could fight against the approaching enemy. How do I register ID Boot (Bot) anda.1. You can make ID Boot (Bot) like when you make your chat ID. Thus, for 1 or 1 soldier you must register boots long enough to follow all sorts of procedures that must run. Enter a code, type the name, and so on. One note for you, do not make the chat ID everyday you become ID Boot (Bot) or you log into your Boot. This avoids the possibility of a ban from Yahoo Party. The term cool your ID got banned from yahoo so that your ID can not be used again. Repeat steps to make ID's to taste. The more the better. Boot can load the ID Boot (Bot) until 1000 ID, and some have up to 10,000. Well you must be exhausted to make ID Boot (Bot) if it reaches 1000. How much time do you spend in front of the computer connected to the virtual world just to make ID Boot (Bot) up to 1000 pieces. Capeek not. So to avoid this software was made specifically to make ID Boot (Bot).
2. Find Software ID Creator on the site or sites of anti boot boot. Having got it running on your computer and do not forget to check your Internet connection. By using ID Creator you only need to write the name ID Boot (Bot) and password only. And leave all that crap enrollment into battle Yahoo to the Creator ID. Usually ID Creator makes a boot to provide ID Boot Option (Bot) like this: boot1, boot2, boot3, and so on. Password in order to more easily reconcile it. However, using the ID Boot (Bot) is identical to one another and are distinguished only by the number of anti boot normally will recognize it and then put in the category immediately removed the boot and away. Usually ID Boot (Bot) like this is very noticeable when the login to the Chat Room. But the advantages of ID in this way is the ease of making.

Once you have finished making ID Boot (Bot) that do not forget to save the name ID Boot (Bot) you and paswordnya in Note Pad. Boot software requires ID Boot (Bot) and password when you load or boot melogin through note pad. Save and you name the file with your name at will. Usually still be given the name Bots. Display in Note Pad is like this:

Bot1: password
Bot2: password
Bot3: password
Etc. ..

For clarity I give ID Boot (Bot) I've ever used before:

manusia_laut :******
rumput_laut_merah :******
rumput_teki_menyakitkan :******
babi_gila_amuk :******
kepala_pecah_seribu :******
seribu_hantu :******
jangkrik_mati :******
celeng_mengamuk :******
srigala_lapar_mengamuk :******
nendang_perut :******
mulut_buaya :******
lidah_neraka :******
lahar_merapi_merah :******
terkaman_singa :******
neraka_durhaka :******
surga_panas :******
geraman_guntur :******
sujud_dusta :******
telinga_kentut :******
sembayang_terlaknat :******
gelisah_pencarian :******
guntur_meledak :******
gembira_tersenyum :******
etc. ...

****** Is the password for each of ID Boot (Bot), in my example above the password for each of ID Boot (Bot) different from each other. While gembira_tersenyum, guntur_meledak, etc. is ID Boot (Bot). To be more beautiful and has a certain aesthetic, change your nickname and perhiaslah boot with "membatiknya". See my other writing about batik ID. If you receive ID Boot (Bot) with the above names, can be sure it came from me. But you do not worry, I will not use it anymore. At best make only my regular chat aja kok. If more males pake ID recurrence normally. You can also use the most often used by Booter:

modaro_kowe_cah01: bootersejati
modaro_kowe_cah02: bootersejati
modaro_kowe_cah03: bootersejati
modaro_kowe_cah04: bootersejati
modaro_kowe_cah05: bootersejati
modaro_kowe_cah06: bootersejati
modaro_kowe_cah07: bootersejati
modaro_kowe_cah08: bootersejati
modaro_kowe_cah09: bootersejati
modaro_kowe_cah10: bootersejati
and so on ...

"Modaro_kowe_cah01" .. ff is ID Boot (Bot) while "bootersejati" is a password. Separator between ID Boot (Bot) and the password is also wearing a space or; or the other. Depending on the boot software. Uh, was just an example loch, do not try to diloginkan ym, entar sorry that you can not login.
Bots with examples like this the most easily recognized by the anti-boot.

Do not login with a lot ID Boot (Bot) if your connection is weak or lelet, can-can you disconnect yourself later. More and more bots are in the longer login you also prepare yourself for bot attack takes time to prepare ammunition. Adjust more or less the pengen Id at login with your Internet connection

This is just info. Please do not be misused.
Hopefully useful.

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