Cracking or ID or username Hacking Yahoo Messenger (Including Email): Just Introduction and how to overcome

Here I will teach you about ways to cracking yahoo id or something. Here I will only give a general overview of the ways a person id theft or cracking or hacking ID yahoo messenger or yahoo email address as well as short tips, or events like this event.

Cracking yahoo ID can be done in various ways. The most often committed is by using some tools or some crack software tools. To conduct activities to crack this software required basic knowledge about the use of a proxy or your Internet connectivity. Proxy is used to loop or repeat the experiment each time because the crack is very, very risky to cracking without using a proxy or other safety devices. Knowledge of the use of a password is also required. And most importantly the necessary username. Cracking activity is also done well for several hundred ps or username. So the first thing needed by the cracker is: list username or id or email address on yahoo, password list, proxy list (there are also tools that do not require a proxy).

I mentioned above is a way of cracking yahoo id through a specific tool. While cracking id also be done by creating a fake website that requires someone to write your username or id and password and then id and password are sent to the cracker. This method is useful if the user is less thorough. To further make this work or get a list of id and password crackers usually given a warning email or can also send instant messages or PM message (usually spam) to the user yahoo messenger. Tool required is YM PM spammers or Yahoo e-mail bombing. Can also be done manually

Now after knowing these two ways (there are several other ways, but the most common and easiest way is with two way), I want to give some tips to avoid things like that.

First: remember yahoo messenger and yahoo mail is the tool or facility that is free or free so anyone can easily use it and the yahoo did not care if the email or YM id you get this sort of thing. To avoid cracking the first way you need to strengthen your password as often suggested. Such as using more than 8 characters. Do not use your name, your birth date, or use a password with a word that is often used or contained in the dictionary. Using a variety of characters both good numbers, upper and lower case and the other characters. Make no sound or can not read. (This avoids the presence of your password in password cracking their list.

Second. To avoid the second way you must be aware that if there is an email or private message that directs you to write your yahoo password. Whether it is in the form of private message windows (AM or IM) or in the form of pages of a site (webpage).

The fourth is to avoid lock id ym do not use your email for chat on yahoo messenger world.

Fifth. It would be better if you use a paid e-mail or have the reversibility (the ability through the service) is good. It could also be from your company email or your institution or service your own email. In this way, in case of cracking process and the cracker change your password (if lucky because they could destroy the contents of your mail), you can ask the admin or webmasternya to return or give back the email address on the crack. Yahoo party does not provide this to you. You want to complain to yahoo om, I'm sure will not respond and had to make a new account. Not dangerous. But this risk has a free e-mail.

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