Identify Type of Hacker Attacks

In the world of hacking (cracking precisely ding?) Recognized several types of attacks against
server. The following types of basic attacks that can be grouped in at least 6
classes, namely:

This type of attack on a cracker (hacker level generally is) will be
using the computer system server. The attack is more focused on the full access granted
and does not aim to destroy. This type of attack is
also applied to you by the hacker to
test their network security systems. Done in several stages and is not in
scheme on each specific job serangannya (described in another article).
Hacking is an Art? =)

Denial of Services (DoS)
On the type of DoS attack caused the server service stuck because of flooded
request engine attacker. In the example the case of Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS)
for example, using the zombie machines, the attacker will do packeting
request on the server simultaneously and simultaneous asymmetric so that the buffer server akan
a loss to answer them? Stuck / hung akan override server. So, not the server name again?
(servicenya dead ripe spelled server? hehehe ....)

Nah, the name of this fraudulent? Because the most read novels of hacking and I can
learn correct, isenglah happens nyoba-nyoba a nyerang sciences IM super fast
(the term 'masturbation' dimesin people). Or why not with a machine the contents? =).
Clear that this type of attack average because I want to taste, but there is also the
cause damage or loss of data.

Type of attack pengrusak specialist? nothing else to explain champion? =)

Attacks that aim to reach a reputation of cracking most. Usually only
shaped deface web pages (index / nambah page) and with memampangakan NickName
certain groups. Most still do not care with the contents of the target machine =).
When this type of attacker is more known as Wannabe / script kiddies.

Three hurup only. Type of attack to obtain confidential information or data from machines
target. Usually attack the machine with the database inside the application. Sometimes
anchor company to rent a 'detective' to steal corporate data rivalnya? How
try Pak? =)

So little about the first type of attack on the target machine is most certainly
Hopefully a good reference although it is less feasible. Revilement can
addressed to me personally?

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