Port Scanning

Port Scanning is one of the most popular techniques used by hackers to discover services that can be compromised.

* A potential target computer runs many ’services’ that listen at ‘well-known’ ‘ports’.
* By scanning which ports are available on the
victim, the hacker finds potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
* Scan techniques can be differentiated broadly into Vanilla, Strobe, Stealth, FTP Bounce, Fragmented Packets, Sweep and UDP Scans.

Port Scanning Techniques

Port Scanning Techniques can be broadly classified into:

* Open scan
* Half- open scan
* Stealth scan
* Sweeps
* Misc

Commonly used tools for port scanning

1.Tool: SuperScan 3.0

2. Tool: NMap (Network Mapper)

3. Tool: NetScan Tools Pro 2003

4. Tool: ipEye, IPSecScan

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